Download Wedding Songs For The Bride And Her Father Mp3 Song

Descargar Wedding Songs For The Bride And Her Father mp3 created Top 10 Father/Daughter Wedding Dance Songs by MsMojo - A Midsummer Nights Dream

Bride's Special Dance

Michael LaFrance | 06:05 | 29,684,091

Andrea had a very special dance with some very close family and friends at her wedding. Her father passed away so her brother recored "butterfly...

Dad signing - I loved her first

Nicole Cortez | 04:20 | 28,629,385

At my wedding reception my dad surprises my new husband and I by signing a beautiful song. I am a sign language interpreter so this meant the...

StepDad and Daughter Wedding Song

Ryan St. Louis | 05:36 | 299,601

Written and Recorded by: Ryan St. Louis. Who can be found at "The Daddy Song" a.k.a, "That Makes Me Your Dad." This song is a...

My little girl - Tim McGraw

sara81970 | 03:39 | 29,767,010

This song is amazing and beautiful in every way possible .... My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in...