“A Midsummer Night’s Dream that doesn’t so much reach for the heavens as roll around in them, with joyous but calculated abandon...For Ms. Taymor, the sky is not the limit. It’s a supple canvas to be stretched and bent to the whims of the imagination...When the moments are this beautiful, they take root in your mind and assume lives of their own. Don’t be surprised when they start showing up in your own dreams.”   -New York Times

"You’d be hard pressed to find [a] production that rivals Taymor’s for beauty.”   -Time Out New York

“A deliriously beautiful, deeply magical staging that’s as human as it is wildly inventive.”   -Newsday

"David Harewood [has a] transfixing sensual power as Oberon, mixing malevolence with mischief.”   -The Hollywood Reporter

“Visually stunning...Taymor lets her imagination run wild and creates striking stage pictures...classic Taymor — a director unafraid of daring.”   -New York Daily News

“[A] tremendous, magical new show...Pulling out every last theatrical trick — puppets, projections, shadows, acrobatics, dance and, yes, flying — Taymor reminds us why she’s been hailed as a stage innovator for the past 25 years. Every minute brings new surprising ravishments, starting with the jaw-dropping opening scene.”   -The New York Post